About Us

The relationship of friendship is the only relation we don't earn because of our DNA type or blood type or because of common forefathers. That is the only reason the relation of “friendship” excites us more than any other relation in this world. Hence we came with a series of quizzes based on friendship, for those who are passionate about this amazing relation of friendship.

How does this work?

We give our users a series of questions based on their interests, behaviour, fantasies and hobbies. On completion the user gets a customized link which they can further share with friends. Later quiz attendee answers with the same questions and gets a score.

Note: However, we have created these quizzes just for the purpose of entertainment and engagement with your friends. A negative score should not create any doubt in your friendship bond. So go ahead, and make your own quiz, share it with friends and test your buddy bond.

Happy Quizzing!
Team The Friends Quiz.

Just Friend vs Best Friends Forever Challenge

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Best Friendship Forever Quiz of 2021

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Friends for Life Quiz

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